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Are you new to B.C. or thinking of moving here? Need help deciding where to live and work? The Cost of Living Calculator can help you make the right move!

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Housing & Transportation
{ expenses | propertyBy 'HousingAndTransportationExpense' model:period '$'}
Living & Personal
{ expenses | propertyBy 'LivingAndPersonalExpense' model:period '$'}
Saving & Finance
{ expenses | propertyBy 'SavingsAndFinance' model:period '$'}
Basic tax
{ expenses | propertyBy 'BasicTax' model:period '$'}
Income { expenses | propertyBy 'Income' model:period '$'}
Expenses { expenses | propertyBy 'Expenses' model:period '$'}
Remaining { expenses | propertyBy 'Balance' model:period '$'}
The cost of living calculator (COLC) was built using data collected through the Economic Research Institute. You can view more detail on their data collection practices here. Please note that the COLC is meant to provide a basic estimate of the current cost of living in different B.C. cities; results received from this calculator are designed for comparative and information purposes only. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

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